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Running a retirement plan is not something most business owners want to do - but the risks of being a "fiduciary" demand that they not only do so, but that they do so in a "prudent fashion" as an expert would do in similar circumstances.  We provide guidance and counsel - as experts - to plan sponsors and their Financial Advisors to minimize the burdens of plan management, operations, compliance, and fiduciary risk.  We function truly as consultants - with no product to sell, no favorite providers, and no distractions from "doing what's right."

We function independantly, objectively, and always in our client's best interests.

We deal directly with plan sponsors, or can be part of a team with other advisors to provide the greatest breadth and depth of expertise to those plan sponsors.

Our Mission

To provide world class services to clients of all sizes effectively, efficiently, responsively and responsibly to assist them in achieving their corporate retirement plan goals, keeping in mind that our efforts will impact the retirement success of their plan participants.

Our approach is to first, understand the unique nature of a client's situation, then identify specific, measurable goals for actions, and only then, to provide a range of solutions to achieve those goals at minimal cost (and effort on the part of the client). We discuss these solutions with our client using "plain language" and make the solutions relevant to their business. We strive to maximize a client's return on each benefit dollar spent.

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